I was introduced to Edabit in April of 2020. I have to say I was immediately impressed. This website is an online community full of coders at varying skill levels from all across the world. There are over 10,000 challenges that each user can select from and tackle in all of the major coding languages. Not only can you tackle these challenges, but you can comment, add resources and help each other to learn and grow.

As users become more experienced (XP points), they also start to gain a reputation (REP points). XP is earned by completing challenges. REP is gained by being an awesome community member and either commenting/replying in a helpful way, adding resources to help others trying to crack the challenge, or contributing challenges or challenge translations. Translating and developing your own challengers takes a little more knowledge so you can’t do this until you reach a certain XP! Also you can lose REP points for submitting spam or being a bully. If you reach a negative REP score the website automatically blocks you from commenting! I think this is such a clever way to encourage good community contributors!

This Canadian-made website is growing quickly with their roadmap always online and visible so that you can see what they are working on next. Memberships are available on a free trial (15 challenges), monthly, annual or lifetime membership depending on your needs. Edabit also works one on one with Educators to help make coding as widely accessible as possible! 

Ready... Set... Code!
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With tutorials for beginners and over 10,000 challenges to keep your skills sharp, Edabit is perfect for all levels of Coding.


Edabit will reward you with interaction points when you’re using the platform, check in daily to continue your streak! Your rep is also important so be sure to contribute and be kind.


Learn how to learn independently at an affordable price. Resources are provided with every challenge, and better yet, you can submit your own resources to help strengthen the community.


Ask and answer questions by subscribing to your languages of interest. Be a part of the community and fill the roles of both student and teacher!


Edabit has a competitive affiliate program where you can earn cash for sharing the site with your friends, family, or colleagues. 


Think you’ve got a great challenge for our fellow coders to crack? Submit brand new challenges, recommend edits or translate site favourites into your preferred language.