Let me start from the beginning of the end on this tale. I was a mere 13, on my way out the door to meet my friend halfway between our houses. I didn’t have a cellphone at the time because that wasn’t the norm at the time. Yes, that’s how old I am. My Dad and I had a tradition of playing in the annual father-daughter tournament at Deer Ridge and we hadn’t been out much to practice. The tournament was another 6 weeks away, but as you can assume, I’m a 13-year-old girl and was equipped with that appropriate level of attitude and priorities. 

I open the door to leave the house to have my father call out to me, “Laurie, are we not going to practice at the range today.”
Full disclosure, I had probably committed to this date and time, and like most undiagnosed ADHD teens, completely forgot about the commitment moments after making it. 
“Oh my gosh, I’m so sorry dad, Elyssa is meeting me halfway between our places and I promised I would help her with something this afternoon!”

I’ll save you the specifics but this lead to an argument that ended in my dad retiring me from the game of golf. I’ve had some driving range moments, or some mini-putt rendezvous, but after that moment, I couldn’t bring myself to play 18 holes. This retirement lasted for longer than I would like to admit, and largely because I’m a stubborn individual that chose to never process.

So here’s me, maturing in my 30’s and realizing that, holy crap, I like golf, I really genuinely do. I actually love most of the elements of it! I love hiking and being amongst nature, I love incorporating fitness into fun, and spending quality “offline” time. I appreciate that ultimately, golf is a game you play against yourself. You keep yourself honest, you learn how to improve to play better than your former self. Golf seems to be one of those wonderfully kept secrets and it’s time to hit the course and see for yourself!

I was lucky enough to have the opportunity to pick up golf clubs by (or before) the age of 8. You’ll have to excuse me, I can’t quite remember the start date, it has been a few years! I was also in a unique situation where my father was an enthusiast of golf, loved to coach, and always encouraged me to try whatever my heart desired so that I could find that one thing I really wanted to excel at. He was a member at a prestigious local club and would bring me out for the ladies’ day or to hit a bucket of balls. I didn’t realize then how this was really his way of connecting with me on something he truly loves. Even now, as I tee off at each hole, I can still hear some of his original tips. 

“Square off your feet, check your ball positioning and weight distribution to the front foot, stretch the arms, let yourself have space, pull back, don’t break your wrists, linger, follow through an inch in front and watch that baby fly. You don’t need to hit it hard, just hit it solidly!”