Sometimes, I like to get creative! Other times I might be looking to capture certain elements for art projects or future publications. Maybe I have approached you about shooting a creative and now you’re wondering what that really means? While ‘Creative’ is widely used, the terms of each agreement are typically set by the Photographer, Creative Director or Coordinator depending on the shoot.

When I say Creative…

This means that I’m offering to waive your photography session fee, aka the fee you would normally pay to have your photos captured. I am doing this because I’m interested in taking these photos for my own benefit as well as yours and therefore it doesn’t make sense for you to have to pay since we are both benefitting from the images directly. 

Depending on the project and use, some digital images may be included. I will let you know these details when I first approach you based on the specific project goals. If you would like to purchase high resolution digital image files can be ordered after publication of the project.
Cost of Digital Edits:
$35.00 per image 
5 for $150.00 
10 for $200.00
11+ = $20.00 Each

On average, creative images are processed within 1 month of shooting. Specific details will also depend on each project.

A preview gallery will be send for you to review once images have been released. Please do not post unedited proof images online, as they are not completed files and not the best reflection of our work together! If I see anything online that shouldn’t be, I will request for you to remove.

A model release will be required for any creative project as many of these projects are meant to be published.
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Current castings are available here for review!

Can’t wait to collaborate ❤️