This is not a sponsored post. I am giving my honest feedback based on information provided on the Nixit website and general knowledge stats! I hope you find it helpful

So after deliberating for over a year, I finally took the ‘plunge’ and purchased my very own NIXIT. I had tried disposable cups before and found them far less than pleasant to deal with. I’ve also tried the diva cup in earlier stages but struggled to stick with it after a few shifty situations which ended in leaks and mess.

ENTER NIXIT. Okay so I’m going to be honest, the first month, I wasn’t sure if I had the thing in properly and did have one leak, but overall, this product has changed my period approach. Now I deal in the shower, I’m not panicking to be properly supplied for a night trip or day trip. Heck, I even went to Algonquin and had to stop for a quick camper’s bathroom break (Aka peeing freely in the winderness)! It was mess-free!!! That simple. I’ve also heard that you can have sex with it in, but I’ve yet to test those waters. Stay tuned for my follow-up blog. 

I’ve outlined some of the awesome NIXIT benefits below with information mostly taken from my experience or directly from the website below. 


Nixit is literally one size fits most. The way it fits makes a huge difference in comfort, no suction, little pressure, and overall low anxiety over unwelcome leakage! 
Pro Tip: Try it on before your first flow. Much easier to navigate without your period cramping your first-time application.


Nixit is BPA Free. Free of chemicals and toxins, it won’t mess with you. Tampons don’t even have to list their ingredients… Think about that. Twice, then read a few articles and ask again why tampon ingredients don’t have to be listed when this “cotton” thing sits in you for hours at a time.


The average menstruator will throw away approx 250 lbs in waste. Wrappers, applicators, tampons, pads, pantyliners, it adds up quickly! Imagine if 1 of us, or 10 of us, or 10,000 of us swapped our methods.


$54.00 CAD for 1 cup which lasts 5 years. This equals a cost of $0.90 / month over 5 years.
Tampon average use is 20 per month and an average of $0.30-0.60 / tampon. 20 x 0.45 = $9.00 / month.
That’s exponential savings.


Don’t let periods slow you down. Nixit can hold up to 70ml of liquid meaning you only need to change it every 12 hours. Coverage to take back your period time.


Suction-free, flexible fit for easier insertion and removal. No strings or stems to cause irritation and a double rim to prevent leaks as you tackle your day. Don’t forget to check out their instructional video on how to use NIXIT on their website!

Interested in ordering a Nixit?

Nixit Website
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