Steps to Surviving A Global Pandemic: The 2020 Edition
  1. Don’t Panic! Or just try not to as often as you might feel the urge. Sometimes life is all just out of our control. Either way, we tend to grasp at any opportunity to control the uncontrollable. This can be taxing on your anxiety levels.
  2. Take a Deep Breath! Then take 5 more, or knock yourself out with a whopping 1000. I bet you could do that all day! (Highly recommended if panic ensues) Check yourself before you have a heart attack.
  3. Purposefully relax your body. If you are anything like me, you hold tension in physical form. I clench my teeth and jaw, hyper-extend and lock limbs, or find incredibly awkward postures in general. Think of it like a reset top to bottom and choose to relax each part.
  4. Try yoga. Whether you’re a pro or first timer, yoga will help you with feeling stretched, improving circulation, and will give you time to choose to mentally turn off, or meditate. Yoga is also known to help release pent up emotions, so stretch it out and let it out.
  5. Cry! Fuck it – No one is judging. Wail like there’s no tomorrow if it helps to create more of a sense of calm afterwards. 
  6. Feed yourself on a schedule. This will help you to keep hormones balanced and the hanger at bay. Also this helps you to avoid eating out of boredom.
  7. Commit to your sleep schedule. Choose it, commit to it, don’t stress your body unnecessarily.
  8. Balance your expectations. Be okay with not fulfilling them either. Some days you’re going to crash hard, and that’s okay.  
  9. Set achievable goals each day, as well as longer term goals. This helps in general motivation. As you succeed you are more likely to want to succeed more.
  10. Get in touch with yourself. I recommend even just writing in a diary. Check yourself, don’t forget the importance of acknowledgement whether you’re okay or not.
  11. Try something new every day. 
  12. Learn something new every day. Online education resources are readily available. I should write a blog about them and list it here!!!
  13. Digitally travel each day – google world, online museum tours, Anthony Bourdain shows. Whatever your preference, embrace the digital travel world and remind yourself of how life is normally.
  14. Cook or bake but keep in mind #6 aka don’t bake / eat / bake / eat yourself into a coma
  15. Laugh!! Till you cry. Find emotional relief ❤️ Stand up comics, adorable animal videos, whatever works. Laugh it out.
  16. Connect with people. Reach out to someone each day. Build connection and support within your community. Expand your community. Show how caring is contagious.
  17. Let go of the toxic things in your life or figure out how to address and reduce the toxic energy.
  18. Discover your humanity. What can you do to solve a problem, big or small for humanity. This could be as simple as saying hello to a stranger. Just open your eyes to the opportunity to help and you’ll be surprised where it can lead
  19. Read a book. 
  20. Choose to actively do nothing. Sometimes you just gotta be.