Hi Everyone! So I finally had the opportunity to go into KW Sauna. I’ve been watching this business since they first opened their doors back in 2019. I connected with Victoria and her staff, got the tour and absolutely LOVED it!

KW Sauna is equipped with hot and cold therapies, as well as comfortable chairs to relax between circuits. They have an Infrared Sauna, a Russian Banya, a Steam Room, a Dry Sauna, a Cold Barrel Bath, a Cold Bucket Splash, and cold Showers. They also have a lounge with snacks, tea, and other drinks if you’re interested.

How Laurie Does KW SAUNA

I’m going to focus this blog on how I approached my first visit. This is meant to guide you through hydrotherapy circuits if you haven’t tried them before! 

What to pack:
– Water Bottle
– Bathing Suit
– Flip Flops

Circuit 1

Heat: I decided to start with the infrared sauna. You need 20 to 30 min in this sauna, so it’s a great place to begin calming your energy, it is also the mildest heat which is an easier transition into your day of hydrotherapy. This sauna heats you from the inside out.

Cold: Use the cold shower for your first cool-off, 5-30 seconds will do. The showers are a great cold start since they feel a little less extreme as your body starts to adjust to the circuit process.

Rest: After each cycle, you want to ensure you are taking 10-15 minutes to rest, sip water or tea, and allow your body to rebalance to room temperature.

Circuit 2

Heat: For circuit two I recommend the Russian banya. This is a hotter sauna and is partially steamy. You will only need 5-15 minutes in this heat to get the health benefits! If you feel dizzy, nauseous, or in any other discomfort, remove yourself immediately as this one can build surface heat quickly.

Cold: Time for the ice bucket! Stand where the foot sticker is and pull the rope. It’s a shock, but super refreshing!

Rest: Dry yourself off and find yourself a cozy spot to rest for the next 10-15 minutes. Sip your water, but don’t chug, you’ve sweated out quite a bit in that last cycle! 

Circuit 3

You’re likely feeling pretty relaxed, I recommend giving your back, neck and shoulders a light stretch.

Heat: It’s time for the dry sauna! This one is hot, dry, and not for everyone. In any sauna, the lower you are, the less intense the heat will be, so I recommend starting on the bottom seat level and working your way up after a few visits. 10-20 minutes in this one will give you the max benefits.

Cold: If you made it to 10-20 minutes in the Dry sauna, you should be steaming and ready for the barrel-cold plunge. This one is tough for me! I hopped in just up to the waist and then plunged both arms all the way in. Ideally, you want to hop in and take a seat so that your core is submerged. 5-30 seconds is ideal. 

Rest: Time to get back to room temp! Grab some water, take a bathroom break or just sit back and relax for 10-15 minutes.

Circuit 4

Last cycle of the KW Sauna-wide tour!

Heat:  It’s the steam time! This is my personal favourite type of sauna. KW Sauna does use essential oils in the steam, so if you find it intense, breathe through your towel for the first minute to allow your body to adjust to the heat first. You can also sit closer to the door as the oils diffuse more quickly there. They recommend 10-15 minutes in the steam room. If you find yourself getting too warm, you can always poor a bowl of water over you, from the convenience of inside the steam room.

Cold: For your last cold plunge, they recommend either the barrel, or the shower as this will better rinse off the steam and oils. The bucket splashis less thorough but still works.

Rest: Don’t forget to rest for the last 10-15 min before you rush back into reality.

Remember to drink extra water for the next 24-48 hours as your body will need to be replenished!

That’s it, now you can head over to KW Sauna and work some hydrotherapy magic!

Check out their website for business hours, pricing and guided classes / events!