Visiting Azure Aqua Spa

So I have a confession, I’m obsessed with Hydrotherapy. I first took interest over 15 years ago, dipping my toe into hot and cold therapies like saunas, steam rooms, hot tubs and ice dips. I later discovered salt caves, salt tubs and eventually floating!

I’m here to share my full experience with this lovely locally owned and operated business. Azure Aqua Spa is located 2480 Homer Watson Blvd., Unit 6 in Kitchener. They have been in business for since 2019. Greg and his team are very knowledgeable, friendly and here to guide the experience based on your needs.  Azure Aqua Spa has a beautiful set-up and private float cinema pools designed for 1-2 people.

Why Float?

Well that’s a great question! I’m naturally anxious, and this causes issues with sleeping regularly. Floating and sensory deprivation can help to turn the brain off and let the relaxation set in.  I started golfing more intensely this year, and as a result, I’m now dealing with some lower back issues.

Here’s a General List of the Benefits of Floating:
Reduced Stress
Reduced inflammation of muscles and joints
Reduced anxiety
Improved sleep habits 
Reducing pregnancy-related body stress
*Talk to your doctor about Floating as a prescribed therapy if you are pregnant, anxious or dealing with recurring pain.
Azure Aqua Spa does take insurance for prescribed float therapy.

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How to Float like a Pro:

Here are a few tips on how to float, and how NOT to float so you can walk into the experience feeling prepared and calm.

Before You Arrive:

1. Make sure you have not recently dyed your hair. Typically I recommend giving yourself 2 weeks after the application. If the dye leaks into the water, that’s a lot of salt to replace!

2. If you have a larger wound or scab, wait for it to heal before tackling a float! The sting isn’t worth the results!

3. Avoid caffeine before your float. Caffeine promotes anxiety and you want to achieve the opposite. I recommend a light veggie or fruit snack before, and lots of water. Do not go in with a full stomach as you might find it harder to get comfortable.

After Your Visit:

Think of floating as going to the spa, getting a massage, and taking time for you. Try to avoid stress or heavy body strain for the rest of the day to really amplify sleep and anxiety-related results.

Once You Arrive:

1. Float comfortably. I highly recommend going fully nude, but if that makes you uncomfortable, suit up. It’s more important that you allow yourself the chance to relax and enjoy. Azure Aqua Spa provides disposable briefs you can use.

2. Shower first! This removes any product or dirt so that you do not contaminate the water.

3. Don’t forget that barrier cream! If you have cuts or open sores, the salt will sting – Azure Aqua Spa will provide you with the preferred cream for their set-up.

4. Plug those ears! Use the ear plugs provided to ensure you aren’t dealing with salty ears while you are trying to relax.

5. Do not drink the water! I know this sounds silly, but Epsom salts are not the same flavor as the ocean and it is quite unpleasant if you make contact with your face, mouth or eyes. Floating establishments should provide you with a hand towel or a spray bottle of fresh water just in case.

6. Hop in the tank, and try to get comfortable and settled. I like to use the trick my mom taught me, which is to start at the toes and slowly, intentionally relax and adjust your entire body, part by part, moving upwards to the top of your head.

7. Clear your mind. Choose to think about nothing and to do nothing. Just be present with yourself.

8. You will know when the float is over because they will slowly raise the lights. The pool will then go into cleaning mode.

After you float, you will need to shower and wash out your hair. It’s not uncommon to find a little salt on you afterward.