One of the main reasons I love being a member at Movati is the access to pools, steam, sauna, and showers. Have you figured out where I’m going with this? I found a built-in place where I can do hydrotherapy water circuits regularly!

If you are wondering what Hydrotherapy is I’ve written a separate blog about it here!

How to Hydrotherapy at Movati:

Start by changing into your swimsuit. I normally recommend bringing flipflops for your feet and two towels so that you can keep one in the sauna with you and have one to dry off at the end.

Once you’ve gotten changed, it’s time to quickly rinse off in the shower, then head to the dry sauna. You want to spend between 5-20 minutes in this sauna, depending on your heat tolerance. 

After your sitting, you should be feeling the heat and likely sweating. This shows you that the heat is working it’s magic. Now it’s time for a cold plunge. I recommend starting at the shower. Turn the water on just a little, so that the temp stays cold. Duck your head and body in to the water for 5-30 seconds. 

Time to rest. Take 5-15 minutes in room temp. I sometimes use this time to put a mask on my hair or face to use this time and add a little extra self-care.

Once you’ve rested, it’s time for circuit 2. I usually hit the steam room for my second circuit. Pro-Tip: Make sure you’re sipping on your water throughout, but be careful not to chug it back. Ideally you want to drink room temp water, as chilled water can shock your system. You want to spend 5-20 minutes in the steam room. Be aware of your heart rate, take this time to slow your breathing and relax.

Now that we’ve completed the second hot, it’s time to balance with cold. I personally love going to the pool for my second cold plunge. I hop in and spend 5-15 min swimming casual laps but you can also just sit in the stair area and enjoy the cool water.

If you have time and want to go for a 3rd rotation, it’s time to hop in the hot tub for 5-15 min. I love flipping on the jets for added massage.

You can either hop back into the pool for your last cold exposure or back to the showers. 

I highly recommend taking your time after you finish up. You can sit inside the changeroom in the lounge area and watch a little tv or just relax and let the circuits set in before heading back into your busy life.